Finance Department


The Madison County Finance Department was created when the Madison County Commission adopted the 1981 County Financial Management System in 2005. The Finance Department handles all purchasing, payroll, and accounts payable for the entire county, including the school system.

County Financial Management Committee

The Finance Department operates under the polices and procedures adopted by the County Financial Management Committee. The committee consists of the County Mayor, School Superintendent, Highway Engineer, and four others as selected annually by the Madison County Commission.

Finance Department Requirements

The Finance Department must meet all requirements of the Comptroller of the State of Tennessee. These requirements are confirmed annually by the state’s annual audit. The County Finance Office reports to the Financial Management Committee, the County Commission, the School Board, and all other departments on a monthly basis.

Debt Issues & Madison County Budget

The County Finance Office advises the County Commission on debt and debt issues along with Stephens, Inc., the County’s financial advisor. The Finance Office, along with the other departments, compiles an annual budget that the County Commission approves.