Madison County Fire Department

Established in 1958

Our Mission...

"To extinguish fire and prevent loss of life and property, with pride, dedication and courage.

Our Vision...

  • To continue providing Madison County with coverage 24-hours a day.
  • To continually improve the levels and quality of our fireman and customer service.
  • To adapt to, and overcome challenges of the future.
  • Keep and maintain positive attitudes.
  • To be a progressive organization that embraces change.
  • A department that is altogether prepared for any emergency.

Our Values...

  • The Madison County Fire Department is a TEAM that recognizes that our families are the core of our departments continued participation.
  • The fire department supports continuous firefighter training and technological advancement training.
  • We are dedicated to provide a professional and compassionate customer service.
  • We will preserve honesty and integrity.
  • We embrace public health and safety through active prevention training.
  • Each member's actions and behavior will maintain or enhance the image and reputation of the department at all times.
  • Each member will respect the authority, knowledge and experience of their officers.
  • We are an organization committed to treating all members with respect, dignity and equality.

Our Responsibilities...

  • Through our firefighting and rescue missions, the Madison County Fire Department is charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Madison County.
  • To educate the citizens of Madison County on Fire Safety.
  • To issue burn permits (when weather conditions are favorable and location is safe).
  • To inspect the safety conditions of day cares, homes for the elderly, senior citizens clubs, etc. in Madison County.