Highway Department

Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer is the head of the County Highway Department and has general control over the location, relocation, construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of the county road systems of the county, including bridges, but not including roads and bridges under the supervision of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) or the City of Jackson.




Click here to view the job postings.  To apply for these positions, please complete a Madison County Government Application (PDF) and return it by mail or in person to the MADISON COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT, 1529 WESTOVER ROAD, Jackson, TN 38301.  Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.



  • Construction and resurfacing of County maintained roads
  • Mowing and maintaining County road right of ways
  • Herbicide application on County road right of ways
  • Tree trimming along County road right of ways
  • Ditching along County road right of ways to maintain adequate storm water drainage, where possible
  • Failed pavement repairs
  • Road shoulder repairs
  • Culvert and pipe installation and maintenance across County maintained roads
  • Fabrication of new roadway signs, as well as repairing and replacing old or damaged roadway signs
  • Bridge construction, repair, and maintenance
  • Guardrail installation and repairs
  • Traffic signal and flashing school signals within the County
  • Storm debris clearing/removal that falls naturally within County road right of way


The Madison County Highway Department maintains 717 roads consisting of approximately 690 miles of roadway within Madison County. The Highway Department maintains 212 bridges within the County.