Right-of-Way Spraying

To request your property be added to the "no spray" list, or to request that an area be mowed, please call the Highway Department at (731) 422-1651, or contact us online.


In an effort to keep the costs of maintaining right of way vegetation as low as possible, the Highway Department sprays herbicides on the right of way. The Highway Department bids and contracts this service out to local companies. The right-of-ways are usually sprayed three times per year: once in the spring, once around the beginning of summer, and again in late summer or early fall.

The herbicides sprayed will eliminate most weeds, but will not harm the Bermuda grass. Since Bermuda grass does not grow more than 12” in height, the need to mow becomes less frequent and therefore reduces the cost of maintaining the right of way. Weeds are eliminated and the Bermuda grass becomes more dense. When the Bermuda grass becomes thicker, fewer weeds are able to propagate and survive.

Not all County roads are sprayed, however. The Highway Department realizes there are special circumstances in certain locations where spraying herbicides is not needed or perhaps is not the best right of way maintenance solution. The Highway Department does not spray roadsides where the property owner maintains the land as a lawn or yard.