Health Promotions

We provide education and resources on health issues to the community in an effort to improve health, fitness, and the quality of life. Resources available to the community include pamphlets, videos and health related statistics. We also offer free educational classes in the following areas not limited to: Nutrition, Diabetes, Chronic Disease, Cardiovascular, Tobacco Prevention, Women's/Men's Health, Health and Hygiene, Puberty, Rape Prevention, Violence Prevention, Healthy Relationships, Good Touch Bad Touch training, Teen Pregnancy, Abstinence, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Prevention, and Healthy Choices.

To schedule any of these free classes please contact any of the health educators.

Health Promotions Staff:

Quill Brabham
Community Health Program Director
Phone: 731-927-8534
Email Quill Brabham

Amanda Johnson
1305 Grant-Diabetes and Chronic Diseases
Phone: 731-423-3020 ext. 62143
Email Amanda Johnson

Akila McNeal
Health Educator
Injury and Rape Prevention
Phone: 731-423-3020 ext. 62544
Email Akila McNeal