Other Infectious Diseases

The General Communicable Disease Control Branch has four main objectives:

  • To promptly investigate disease outbreaks and unusual situations and to implement control measures to minimize further transmission of disease
  • To monitor disease-reporting by physicians and laboratories in order to detect trends and to assess the public health impact of diseases
  • To provide a channel of communication between public health agencies, private physicians, and hospital and occupational infection control personnel, as an essential part of disease control efforts
  • To explain public health interventions and disseminate health education messages to the community and the media in order to enhance disease control efforts

Communicable and Environmental Disease Services works to discover and eliminate the threat of communicable diseases and to educate people how to protect themselves from illnesses. They also conduct surveillance activities in order to monitor new emerging infections or identify clusters of cases that could be related. Investigations are conducted to pinpoint the source of disease to prevent dangerous outbreaks. View further information regarding infectious disease.

Reportable diseases in Tennessee

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