Family Planning

Family Planning Services

Family Planning Services are offered at the 804 North Parkway location only. Please call (731) 423-3020 for an appointment.

Family Planning improves the health of women by giving them the opportunity to choose when they have children. Knowledge of birth control methods can help you make an informed decision as to what best meets your lifestyle and needs. Regular medical screenings and reproductive health education are vital components of family planning that improve the health of women and also promote healthier pregnancy outcomes when a woman chooses to have children.

Family Planning Clinic

Our Family Planning Clinic is a Tennessee Title X Family Planning Program. We comply with the federal (Title X) program guidelines, offering confidential services to anyone of reproductive age. Our goal is to identify each patient's Reproductive Life Plan by providing quality counseling, birth control, if desired, and pregnancy testing when indicated. Fees for service are based on income. No one is refused service because of their inability to pay.

Medical Services

  • Physical exams
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment
  • Hypertension screening
  • Anemia screening
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Birth control
  • Emergency contraception

Education & Counseling

  • Reproductive and preventive health
  • Self breast exam
  • Birth control methods
  • STD / HIV risks
  • Infertility

Referral & Follow-Up

  • Positive pregnancy tests
  • Abnormal test results

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