Appointments for vaccines are made each working day, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. See the current recommended vaccine schedules for children and adults

  1. Children and Teens - 6 weeks - 18 years of age

    Vaccines are administered according to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and by the protocol of the Department of Health of the State of Tennessee. Charges are on a sliding scale, based on your family income and the number of persons in your household. If your child has had vaccines elsewhere; please bring those vaccine dates with you to the clinic visit.

  2. Adult vaccines- 19 years old and older

    Adult vaccines are available to meet requirements of school or work and if indicated for certain health problems. Call 731-423-3020, extension 62021 for current charges for adult vaccines.

  3. International Travel

Travel to countries outside of the United States may put you at greater risk of vaccine preventable diseases. Recommendations for travelers to Canada, Australia, Japan and Western Europe include a tetanus containing vaccine within the past 10 years and the flu vaccine during the most recent flu season.

There are additional vaccines recommended, and some required, for travel to Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Some of the requirements depend on your itinerary. Other recommendations may be based on the length of stay in other countries and your reason for travel. View recommendations for your destination.

 Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department is a Yellow Fever vaccine site. We also keep most other vaccines for travelers on hand. We do not provide antimalarial medications nor prescriptions, but can advise travelers of the drugs that are recommended for malaria prevention at their destination. Please call 731-423-3020, extension 62021 for current charges for travel vaccines.