Permanent Disabled Voting

How to Get on the Permanent Disabled Mailing List

For a voter to be placed on our permanent absentee mailing list he/she must take a Physician’s Statement (PDF) to his/her doctor to be completed by a licensed physician. If visiting a clinic of Family Nurse Practioners, the attending Physician must sign the statement.

Once our office receives the document we will place the voter on the Permanently Disabled List which means for each election that the voter is eligible to vote in, we will automatically mail an Application for Ballot to the voter. If the voter wishes to vote in the election, he/she will complete the application and mail, fax or hand-deliver it back to our office. We will then mail an absentee ballot to the voter.

Note: Being on the permanent disabled list only guarantees that a voter will automatically be sent an application for a ballot, not the actual ballot.