Why Are Reappraisals Necessary?


Reappraisals keep our property tax system fair. It’s that simple. The State of Tennessee requires All County Assessor's of Property to conduct mass reappraisals every four to six years; Madison County has been on a four (4) year reappraisal cycle since 2010 however, we will change to a five (5) year cycle. The next reappraisal year will be 2027.

This year 2022 is the Reappraisal Year for Madison County, TN

Reappraisals allow the Assessor to adjust property values so that every property in Madison County is appraised at 100% fair market value. January 1 of each Reappraisal year is the only day property is appraised at 100% of Fair Market Value

Reappraisal eliminates inequities that are created over time by changes in the real estate market, ensuring fairness and equity for all property owners. Over time, a property’s fair market value can increase or decrease. If the Assessor’s record of a property’s fair market value does not change some people could pay too much in property taxes, while others could pay too little.

For the current 2022 Reappraisal, qualified sales that occurred in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be evaluated and the greatest weight will be given to the 2021 sales.

Property Values in A Reappraisal Year

The state’s Truth in Taxation law requires the local legislative bodies (County Commission & City Council) adjust the tax rate to a “certified tax rate” that brings in the same amount of revenue as the year before reappraisal, excluding new construction.

The certified tax rate, prevents local governments from experiencing a financial windfall in reappraisal years at the expense of property owners. Understanding the Certified Tax Rate

EXAMPLE: Before the 2010 reappraisal the tax rate for Madison County was 2.31%. After reappraisal the overall appraised value of Madison County increase and the tax rate was lowered to 2.15%. Also, the tax rate for the City of Jackson was 2.10% and was lowered to 1.97%

2021 Tax Rates: Madison County 2.35%; City of Jackson 1.9619%; Three Way .5536%

2020 TAX RATE: Madison County 2.35%; City of Jackson 1.9619%; Three Way .5536%

2019 TAX RATE: Madison County 2.35%; City of Jackson 1.9619%; Three Way .5536%    

For more information regarding Reappraisal, please contact 

the Assessor's Office at (731) 423-6063.

Assessor's Staff Responsibilities

Between reappraisal cycles, the Assessor's staff:

  • Visually inspects all property in Madison County either physically or via Aerial Photography to ensure  the Assessor’s assessment records reflect each property’s actual characteristics, such as:
    • Square footage
    • Story height
    • Exterior wall type
    • Garage, carport, detached buildings, pools and other structures
  • Verifies all property deed transfers as they occur in the market place; verifying each sale in order to ensure it is an arm’s-length transaction. These qualified sales are recorded in a sales files to compare to properties of similar size, age, location, and description to help establish fair and equitable property values.

Property Tax Reappraisal and Certified Tax Rate

Property tax reappraisal and certified tax rates

The Tennessee Certified Tax Rate process is designed to ensure “truth-in-taxation” following a county-wide reappraisal. The process ensures the amount of total taxes collected for a county remain the same after a reappraisal, even if the combined value of all property in the county rose or fell following the reappraisal.

Understanding the Certified Tax Rate