Maintenance and Dispatch

Fire Department Maintenance

Fire Building

Maintenance Supervisor

Matt Gay


Hoyt Huckabee

The Maintenance Department is responsible for keeping the department's fleet of 66 vehicles in good repair. They inspect, diagnose, repair and evaluate the performance of automobiles, trucks and other equipment, both motorized and non-motorized.

From changing oil to rebuilding motors our department is top notch. They maintain a courteous, clean and safe working environment and keep a professional relationship with the public. They have the knowledge and skills in applying fire fighting and rescue principles so they can keep the equipment ready to keep our fire fighters safe.

Our maintenance department works a 40 hour week, but are on call nights, weekends and holidays for emergency repairs and assistance.

Fire Department Dispatch

Flag on Blue Sky

Dispatch Supervisor

Monica Moore


Becky Wilmoth
Chris Woods
David Benfield
Kim Turner
Cheryl Bowman
Jonathan Stanfill

Our dispatchers have now completed the Public Safety Telecommunicator Course meeting and exceeding the APCO Minimum Training Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators.

We have installed a new radio system which has made linking with other departments more efficient and decreased our response time. We have upgraded to the Positron Public Safety Systems, which will allow the 9-1-1 calls to automatically power map of the location of caller. We would like to thank Kim Augustine and the 9-1-1 Board Members for their support. Without a doubt we could not have met our dispatch goals so rapidly.

Madison County Dispatchers are ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help protect the citizens of Madison County and Fire Fighters on every call. We are dedicated to treating every call with respect, professionalism, and efficiency. Whether it is a call for a hazardous material scene, a vehicle accident, a house fire or a cat in a tree we are ready to serve.