Election Cycles

Upcoming Elections


  May 3, 2022- County Primary  Democrat & Republican Parties  have called a Primary for all offices

 August 4, 2022 - State Primary, County General

 November 8, 2022 - State General Election
                                     Three Way City Election

Vacancies in Office

Local office vacancies are filled by the governing board and the election for the unexpired term is held at the next General Election.

US Senate, the Governor will appoint until the next regular November Election

US House of Representatives, the Governor will call for a special election to fill the vacancy

Terms of Office

US President - 4 years
 US Senate - 6 years
 US House of Representatives - 2 years
 TN State Senate - 4 years
 TN House of Representatives - 2 years
 Judges, District Attorney General, Public Defender - 8 Years
 All other offices - 4 years