District Attorney General


The duties of the District Attorney General include prosecuting all state cases in City Court, General Sessions Court, and Circuit Court in the counties of Chester, Henderson, and Madison, and being responsible for the collection of child support in Juvenile and Chancery Courts.

District Attorney General

  • Jody S. Pickens

Deputy District Attorney General

  • Shaun A. Brown

Assistant District Attorney

  • Al Earls
  • Allison Martin
  • Benjamin C. Mayo
  • Bradley F. Champine
  • Chadwick R. Wood
  • Eric V. Wood
  • Joshua B. Dougan
  • Justin Prescott
  • Lee R. Sparks
  • Matthew A. Floyd
  • Michelle Pugh
  • Katie L. Ferguson
  • Tyler F. Buckley

Madison County General Sessions Prosecutor

  • Al Earls

City Prosecutor

  • Mia E. Fontenot

Drug Task Force Commander

  • Randy S. Coyne

Victim Witness Coordinator

  • Brooke Witherspoon

Other District Attorney General Locations

Village Square Office Center Suite M
514 S. Broad Street
Suite B
Lexington, TN 38351